2018 Midwest Conference on Masonic Education

Mark your calendars now for the 2018 Midwest Conference on Masonic Education. The Conference will be held April 20-22 at the Ramkota Hotel and Convention Center in Rapid City. in the beautiful Black Hills

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Since 1949 we have endeavored to:

Provide a communications and support network for our member jurisdictions.
Conduct an annual forum for Masons who have a vital interest in Masonic Education. Offer the opportunity to share Masonic experiences, knowledge, and insights.

Publish occasional newsletters, communications, and the proceedings of its annual meetings.

Invitation to Join Us

Consider joining us in this work:

All Master Masons from recognized Masonic jurisdictions in the United States, Canada, or worldwide are encouraged to contact us and become part of our Conference on Masonic Education.


We also encourage recognized Masonic Jurisdictions to inquire on how to become a member jurisdiction of MCME.

About the Midwest Conference

The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education was formed in 1949 at a gathering of interested Masons from Illinois (including Alphonse Cerza) and Iowa.

The outcome was to continue getting together by establishing its first Annual Meeting which was held in December 1950 in Cedar Rapids IA. The organization is comprised of a loose and ever-changing collection of Masonic educators from Grand Lodge jurisdictions located in 12 north central States and the Province of Manitoba. Other participants frequently include chairs of Masonic Education as well as Grand Lodge officers.

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